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Tuning notes
Despite our hopes that 2021 might be more normal with regard to tuning visits, this has not been the case for all our customers and unfortunately, there are still a few regular tunings which have not been carried out this year. Please rest assured these will be on the priority list for a visit in the coming year.
We strive to keep the contact details up 
to date on our database, not being made 
any easier by the requirements of GDPR. 
We keep one set of details for the tuning notification and one set for the treasurer, so when advising us of changes please remember to indicate which information is to be amended.
The organ is a valuable asset for a Church and it is advisable to make every effort to keep it in good condition. It is helpful to keep the area around the organ clear of items, as these can restrict the air flow and give rise to vermin, damp and even introduce rot. Indeed, we have come across a rather extreme case of fungal rot leading to extensive and costly repairs to the Church fabric 
and the organ.
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About Us | Our Services | Water Organs | Latest News | Water Organ News

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