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Making the historic practical (11 February 2023)
The renowned Harrison and Harrison organ in St John the Baptist Lound, Suffolk is now a transformed instrument, reliable and a delight to play. For many years, probably since it was built, its location and detached console meant that the pneumatic ...
Restorations from 2022 (11 February 2023)
All Saints Church Welborne Norfolk. After many years of keeping this two manual organ working as well as possible, we were very pleased to carry out the full restoration. The restoration was a success and now the organ, sadly with no evidence of a ...
Restorations, Changes and Moves (11 February 2023)
Adulam Baptist Church Felinfoel, Swansea.
We fitted new wiring andstop key units in the console together with a new main cable under the floor replacing old unreliable multicore cotton covered cable. We also re-leathered the pneumatic purses in ...
Key Staff (11 February 2023)
We would like to pay tribute to our skilled and loyal staff. John Faulkner has been with us for many years and is a very experienced organ builder. Chris Bartrop is similarly skilled as an organist and as our tonal advisor. Izaak Frost joined a ...
Tuning Notes (11 February 2023)
In some churches there are now fewer regular services. If you have not used the organ for some time and know you will be use in the near future, it would be advisable to check in advance that there are no problems and if necessary get in touch ...
Privacy Notice (22 May 2018)
W & A Boggis, Rodney and Sarah Briscoe, have always taken your privacy seriously.

About Us | Our Services | Water Organs | Latest News | Water Organ News

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